Amino is an app where you share images and interact with others and talk about certain fandoms and is relatively new.



Amino has a spherical face with a big white A in the middle of her face surrounded by bands of blue-cyan gradient circles and numerous pinkish-purplish dots on the outside.

She is mostly found wearing a dark-navy-blue cat hoodie crop top with extremely long sleeves and purple-pinkish strings and hoodie pocket, with black leggings and mismatched cyan and violet socks, purple untied sneakers, and a childish-looking purple skirt with a dark blue translucent layer below with a purple belt with a cyan bunny-shaped buckle.


Amino is quite childish and may at times be quite emotional, crying over small things. Mostly social and likes making friends. Quite playful.


Mostly drawing but can write a few short stories or series and may cosplay.

Amino also has taken an interest to Fandoms such as Youtubers and different things, most commonly popular animes.


In 2012, Anderson and Wang came up with the idea for a convention-like community while attending an anime convention in Boston, Massachusetts.[1] Later that year, they would release two apps revolving around K-pop and photography that allowed fans of those subjects to chat freely.

In 2014, Amino was officially released, and the K-pop and photography apps previously released became the first Amino communities. In July 2014, Anderson and Wang launched the parent company of Amino Apps, Narvii, and received $1.7 million dollars in seed funding.



Narvii - mom/dad


DeviantArt - "I hate to brag but as her number 1 fan, I get to see most of her art first!

YouTube - "Sponsors!"

Vine Kids - "He's just as funny as Messenger Kids, but not a friend of the other three babies, he also has a teddy bear and likes my drawings"

Tumblr - "She's super fun to play with!"

Wattpad - "He makes awesome fan-fics!"


Reddit - "He... he sometimes makes fun of my art.."

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